"Fish Eating Creek"

"From One Time To Another
And This Time In Between"

"Where Three Roads Once Met
But Lost Touch Over The Years"

"Into The Sun"

"Shady Palms"


"Two Mangrove Vista"

"New Light"


"Channel Island"


"Bird of Paradise on a Stick III"


"Five Mile Mangrove"




"Annes Beach Vista"

"Little Big Grass"




"Just Swell"



"Zen Booga"


"Got Those Early Mornin' Blues"

"First Light On The Turner"


"Tomoka Petit"

"Luminous Channel"

"Backlit Mangroves"


"Glimmer Field"

"Shimmering Flats"


"Alll Alone"



John David Hawver
© 2002, 2003, 2004